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The winter wardrobe conundrum

On our side of the world, the weather is steadily becoming more and more cold. This week, we even had to break out the snow brush to get the frost off our car! Even though it kills me to admit it, winter is almost here and this makes me think about my winter wardrobe. Like many other seamstresses, I decided to make a mini wardrobe with coordinating pieces of clothing for the new season. But then, I got to thinking… what should a winter wardrobe be made of, exactly? Read more

Upcoming project: the Suzy Dress

I don’t know how your days are going in your corner of the world, but mine are awfully busy! Mid-terms have come and gone (thank god!), so I have finally emerged from the monster pile of papers I had to grade. I have also found time to re-read my master thesis, making sure it is perfect because I will be printing it tomorrow for the final submition. Yikes! Anywhoo, I hope to get some time for myself soon, since I have devised a plan for a new garment I am dying to make: the Suzy Dress.

Read more

Eye Candy: Julia Bobbin’s “old chesnut”

Today’s Eye Candy in brought to you by the talented and oh-so-lovely Julia Bobbin. The Australia-based seamstress has been making her own clothing since 2009 and documents her various projects on The featured dress is her third take on the Burda 7494 pattern, made in black and white checked dupioni. It has a peter pan collar, cap sleeves and a fitted bodice. The “old chesnut” name comes from the fact that she used this favorite pattern of hers more than a few times… Read more

Eye candy: Tupence Ha’Penny’s chevron dress

Today’s eye candy is brought to you by Charlotte of Tupence Ha’Penny, a wonderful blogger, sewer and lover of vintage clothing, accessories and magazines from London. This little number was made by Charlotte for the Queen’s Jubilee. Read more

Upcoming projects

So… didn’t have any time to take pictures of my Night Circus Macaron dress. The weather has been dreadful here for the last few days, making it impossible to take nice pictures outside. I’ll try and do that today since it’s nice out. In the mean time… let’s talk upcoming projects!

I have this huge list of garments I’d love to make. Each time I get an idea, I add it to the list. Needless to say, the list has been growing A LOT these days. I thought I might share a few of my top-priority projects. Read more

The Night Circus Macaron

The macaron dress, as shown by Colette Patterns.

As you’ll soon discover, dear reader, I cannot resist anything sweet: chocolate, cake, cookies (basically anything my friend Josie makes) as well as a cute pattern with a sweet name! When I first saw the Colette Patterns Macarons dress, I was smitten. The sweetheart neckline, the feminine silhouette, the short sleeves, everything struck a chord with me. After seeing a few versions of the dress from other sewists, I decided I had to buy the pattern and make something of my own!

My first go with the pattern was inspired by a RTW dress from a Montreal designer I saw at Belle et Rebelle Sherbrooke. (If you don’t know the place and you live in Sherbrooke, you MUST go!) The dress had a similar sweetheart neckline and was made in a beautiful tan sateen with a see-through lace bodice. Very chic! The dress had princess seams and was not made exactly like the Macaron dress, but I knew I wanted a similar lace-and-tan look. Read more

The beginnings

Ahh, the beginnings! Is there anything more invigorating, more exciting than the beginning of something? Be it a sewing project, a new relationship or a good book, starting something fresh and new is always an adventure…

So, with this in mind, I have decided to start a blog about my own adventures… in sewing, of course! I have been reading A LOT of sewing and fashion blogs for a long time, and after a few years of quietly lurking, I want to join the amazing online sewing community. (Geeeeze, how very stalker-ish of me!) Anyways, I think this initiative might be a way for me to maintain a regular sewing schedule and crank out more projects. If I can gush to other bloggers while doing it, why not?

As with most passionate beginnings in life, the “fire” that ignites us can also wear out quite quickly! I’m hoping my newfound motivation for blogging won’t fade out or get strained by the everyday hoopla.

Here’s to a fresh start!